A year ago today

an image fron the first blog post

One year ago today, my blog launched!

I knew I was behind the times.

EVERYONE had a blog.

I knew it was time to make this social networking leap..

A friend of a friend gave me the name of a woman who could help me navigate the blogosphere. This woman, who lives in CA by the way, spent hours on the phone with me prior to launching the blog. We would chat about everything from what I was shooting that day to our philosophy on life. I could not have done this without her. She is an amazing writer and more importantly, and amazing woman.
Even after one full year of this, she is still in constant contact with me. Even in my busiest times, she’s asking, Are we posting today?? My answer usually is, I can’t today, tomorrow??…and if tomorrow comes and goes without a post, she’s on me the very next day, as well as doing behind the scenes things to keep us rolling along. She motivates me and makes my blog a place that people want to go to.
Last year at this time, She told me that I better hold on because this blog is going to go places…I (not convinced) smiled and nodded in agreement.
I am pleased to say that in one year to date, there have been 54,378 visits to my blog alone. I am humbled and proud at the same time.
I know it may sound cheesy but I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing without my wonderful clients and dear friends (and friends of friends of friends.)
My business is mostly referral-based, and I have always appreciated everything that has come my way, more than I can even express.
I have been a part of the most important milestones of people’s lives — how awesome is that?!?
Much love and thanks for stopping by!
* * *

From ‘the woman in CA’:

concert shot - taken by amy

Amy says it was a friend of a friend who brought us together, but it was really the man pictured here, Eddie Vedder.  At first glance I viewed Amy as this supermodel mom with the perfect life, and had no idea of the depths and passion of her soul, until I learned she was a Pearl Jam fan.  Strike that…. THE Pearl Jam fan.  We bonded over our mutual angsty love of the paragons of grunge, and even to this day, if one of us is going through some challenge, we turn to PJ for solace.

When Amy and I first discussed joining forces to work on her blog, I had no idea what to expect.  Heck, since a single picture speaks a thousand words, and Amy’s shots speak volumes more than that, what on earth would I be able to bring to the project?  Well, it turns out I did have something to offer, if nothing other than unflagging confidence in Amy’s skyrocketing success.

We don’t ‘post’ nearly as often as I’d like.  We can’t. And that is in part our own faults.  The blog and Amy’s career are both taking off so fast that she is literally too busy shooting to be able to throw me a thing or two to show here.  So I took it upon myself to begin building a library for Amy on Flickr.  And it wasn’t long after, that someone somewhere took note and offered Amy the Holy Grail of photography.  Getty Images contacted Amy, inviting her to be one of their exclusively represented photographers on Flickr — an honor and distinction one simply cannot buy.

I could go on for pages about how much I enjoy working with Amy — about her talent, about how she is the consummate professional while simultaneously being completely down-to-earth and a major goofball, how she has an incredible work ethic and somehow still manages to maintain the most important priorities of family and loved ones.  But instead I will just say this… book Amy now while you can… cuz this girl IS ‘going places’, and there is stuff in the works that is so big it will blow your lens cap off.  I am so proud to work with Amy. But beyond that, am so grateful to have made such a dear friend.

Happy Anniversary, AmyAllenPhotoBlog!



Anthony - February 9, 2012 - 5:42 pm

Congratulations! Time flies when you’re having fun. I can’t believe it’s already been a year. I love your blog so definitely keep posting on it as I’m sure a lot of people view it, but may not necessarily post.

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