A Little Vacation…

Recently I went on an amazing vacation. My sister-in-law, Carrie, invited me tag along with her on a cruise!

In addition to being a topnotch photographer, she is a Heritage Makers consultant and won the cruise through them. The company specializes in helping people create scrapbooks and various stationery items to be published!

Carrie not only is family, but my best friend… So I knew this was going to be a trip of a lifetime…

And that it was.

We started in Florida and made two stops, Belize and Cozumel. I have heard of such places…. the idyllic ones with white sand beaches and crystal clear, blue-green-turquoise waters…. like the kind of scenery that only exists on a co-workers screensaver.

Well, I am here to tell you such places really do exist… and are even more jaw-droppingly exquisite in person.  We had 3 hours at Goff’s Caye where we snorkeled in waters surrounded by the 2nd largest reef  next to Australia’s Reefs.

After that, we relaxed and ate a BBQ style lunch, which included freshly caught lobster!

And rum punch, of course…

I just could NOT fathom around the color of the waters that surrounded the island. From the deepest cobalt to Tiffany aqua to clear. I told the captain of our little boat that my eyes have never seen these colors in person, only on the computer or paint or colors on fabric, but never on a real life thing. He said he’s never heard anyone say that before and was so happy for me that I had the chance to experience the island and its beauty.

I am pretty sure I had a smile from ear to ear the entire afternoon.

Back on land, Belize City, we decided to take a little walk to one of the oldest working suspension bridges in the world.

Belize City is very crowded and dangerous. We were told to be cautious and not to stray far from the port. Thankfully, one of the local hair-braiders escorted us through the streets, making sure that no one harassed us. She was definitely a well-known local, who had plenty to say to a lot of people during our 30 minute walk.

The local children were just getting out of school and decided to follow us…they were interested in what we were doing and of course I was drawn to them..they were more than happy to pose for us.

On to Cozumel the next day.

Carrie (the more adventurous of our twosome) thought it would be fun to rent a car to go around the island. Not completely convinced it would be ‘fun’ (after our experience of getting off the beaten path the day before) I had to think a while..but at length gave in.

Best decision of the trip.

We saw some of the most amazing coastline, ancient Mayan ruins… and even stopped for nachos and a beer…. all things I would have never have done had it not been with Carrie.

I surprised myself several times on this trip. I never in a million years thought I would ever go on a cruise.

I always feared getting sick, not being on land, bad weather, etc….

I would go again tomorrow.


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