Girija + Tom

The weddings page at states “Indian wedding is a perfect blend of serious rituals and customs along with other fun filled rituals and frothy moments.”  The exquisite wedding of Girija and Tom had a little bit of all of that.

I did my best to prepare for this unique cultural experience, having never attended a Hindu wedding before.  I Googled, I netsurfed, I read up…. then basically turned off my computer just as baffled as before I began my research. Fortunately, a guest at the wedding (and Drake Professor) kindly took me under his wing and explained to me what exactly was going on and what it meant.  In my awe and wonder I did my best to follow his carefully explained instructions while shooting frame after frame so as not to miss a single step.  I will not try to relate all the professor shared with me here, as it would be very difficult to put into words; but this much I do know — the wedding of Girija and Tom was unlike anything I have ever witnessed.  Never have I seen more careful preparation, or more welcoming families.

In America we are accustomed to focusing more or less solely on the bride – it’s all about the bride. I found it lovely and refreshing to see the respect and reverence shown to the groom, Tom, at his Hindu wedding where the first half hour of the ceremony was dedicated to the joyful welcome extended to him by his bride’s parents.  At that point Girija entered, looking radiant in her traditional wedding sari, and beaming warmly.

As for the guests, they (and I) were made to feel equally welcome and comfortable…. like lifelong friends.

Food is an integral part of the 13 step ceremony.

Tom used the twine you see in his hand above to fashion a wearable gift for his bride, Girija.

The wedding party was as colorful and joyous as the decorations and saris.

Above is a barefoot Bollywood tribute to the couple.


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