My friends and clients are accustomed to me going on and on about how much I love my brides and photographing weddings.  Additionally, anyone who follows this blog knows I am devoted to shooting artsy and historic subjects such as the culture-rich East Village where my studio is located.  I am also a sucker for chronicling all rites of passage be it a school graduation or pregnancy.

But every now and then a special shoot comes along, as it did with Sabrina.

I became acquainted with Sabrina and her mother, Tania, via Zulal Biner, an amazing art director, for whom I was doing some freelance work.  Zulal was friends with Tania and paired us together so that I could take some shots of Sabrina for her to use in pursuing work as a hand model…



… I know what you’re thinking, “Hand model? Sure this girl has nice hands but she is GORGEOUS period!”  Believe it or not she had never done any sort of shoot before… again, I know, I know… hard to fathom.  She looks like a natural.

It sure didn’t hurt that Zulal herself came to the shoot.  Imagine having a well known and very talented  art director  in your own studio, assisting you in a model shoot. What a wonderfully memorable experience.



And what an incredible change of pace for me artistically.  I love getting to branch out with my work, and am really enjoying the current rising trend of women giving themselves the treat of a photo session ‘Just Because’.  No need to wait for an engagement or pregnancy to celebrate life and beauty… I just love it!  I am also enjoying helping my brides relax and feel comfortable being photographed for their grooms with glamorous “For His Eyes Only” boudoir shots.



As for Sabrina, she is just as bright as she is breathtaking and is currently in college studying Journalism… though I did manage to steal her away to feature her in a shoot for her mom’s catering business.

From gallery exhibitions to artsy vendor shoots to annual sessions with repeat clients, I love the opportunities I get to revel in creativity and artistry.  I love the inspiring and loving people I get to meet and befriend.  I love my job!



joy - May 13, 2011 - 2:48 pm

i love how you have so many different styles… each seems to perfectly fit the specific occasion. i literally feel a little thrill each time i scroll my mouse down to find your next pic collage because i know i am in for something special

Molly Spain - May 13, 2011 - 6:07 pm


Not only a beautiful shoot, and a beautiful subject, but your account of the experience is maybe the best. Nicely and so respectfully done.

Thank you for being a great example of someone who is following their passion and proving that when we do, we rock!


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