Diana + Scott

From the second I met with Diana & Scott, I fell for them, head over heels. I couldn’t help but ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over their love for each other. Diana — always hugging… and Scott — always squeezing. Diana spent most of the engagement shoot nuzzled in Scott’s chest. They could not have gotten any closer if they tried!

With all that love, how could their wedding day not be beyond amazing!?!

* * *

On wedding day, I have the pleasure of seeing the bride and groom from the very beginning stages of their day — starting with the preparations.

Diana was running a tad behind schedule …and I was worried that she would be worried, (even though I knew we had plenty of time). I asked her how she was feeling. I remember her saying, “I just want to see Scott.”  She was not anxious  or on edge or stressed a bit. She simply just could not wait to see her husband-to-be.

I could feel the same excitement from Scott. They both just wanted to be together…


Amy Allen + My Wedding = True Love. My name is Diana Wegner and Amy Allen was the photographer for my October 2011 wedding to Scott Wegner. Our wedding was unbelievably awesome but I know that it wouldn’t have been what it was without Amy’s help. We had a large party–14 attendants–and she was able to control and organize everyone with ease. Neither Scott nor I even felt like we were being photographed because Amy made us feel so comfortable with her. Our wedding flew by (as everyone’s does) and although it felt like we would never forget that day as we were living it and enjoying it, the clock struck 11 o’clock and we realized that our wedding was (officially) over when we felt like it had just started. I worried that as time went on, I would only be able to recall ‘big’ moments and would eventually forget the lesser important things that often make an event great.

Amy captured absolutely every element of our wedding through her photography. Every time I look through our photos I remember everything about our wedding. While we, the bride and groom, were busy with the friends, family, the congratulations, etc, we weren’t in a place to truly appreciate everything that we had spent an entire year planning: what our cake looked like, what our decorations were like, or what the reception was like from our guests’ point of view… Our photos were nothing short of a perfect and comprehensive record of what a fantastic event our wedding was for our friends & family, and for us.

Having my maiden name–Birdsall– has fostered a ridiculous love of birds among my sisters and me. I didn’t want to have a bird-themed wedding but I did want to incorporate that into the decor as a sentimental nod to my side of the family. I made the cake topper using extra material from Scott’s suit and extra lace from my dress to clothe the birdies, and we used seating assignment cards with birds on them (which I was thrilled to find). I didn’t really think anyone would notice these little details, but Amy did.

Amy Allen is brilliant and I am so honored to have had her as a photographer.

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