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This week we have a wedding blurb from a groom, yep, a GROOM!  He was very involved with the wedding which was something of a rarity and a delight to see.  This couple has been incredibly supportive of Amy Allen Photography and Anthony routinely leaves encouraging comments on my Facebook pages.  Here is what he had to say about his bride, Anna, and their sweet courtship and marriage.

“Anna is originally from North Dakota.  She went to Drake University and is now a high school choir director in Des Moines.  She teaches piano lessons, works as a Mary Kay consultant, and also plays trombone and keyboards in a funk band.  The band is called ‘Faculty Lounge’ and is made up of mostly educators in the Des Moines area.

I am originally from Malaysia.  I came to the States to attend college at Drake University and now work as an Aging Information Specialist for Aging Resources of Central Iowa.  And for fun and a little extra money, I am fulfilling my dream of working in a restaurant – Paradise Pizza Cafe in West Des Moines.

In the picture above, you’ll notice our names carved in bricks – right next to each other!!  These bricks were purchased in a fundraising campaign at our church when it was built.  These bricks were laid in the summer of 1997!!!  SOMEONE knew back then that we’d end up together!!!!

Anna and I actually met about 12 years ago when we both came to Drake University and became involved at our church. We both went our separate ways over the years, but became reunited about 3 years ago when I organized a Young Adults social group through church in which Anna was involved. Every once in a while, Anna and I were the only people available for an ‘event’.  So, we actually had a lot of unofficial dates before we started technically dating.  After a while, I finally approached Anna to ask if she was interested in something more than friendship…. 4 months later, I proposed!!

The reception took place at the Iowa Historical Building in Des Moines’ East Village.  Dinner was served in the main atrium area and then cake and dancing on the rooftop with Anna’s band, Faculty Lounge, providing the dance music!

One of the things I am passionate about is photography, so when it came time to choose a photographer, I narrowed it down to three different people.  In many ways, all of them were very different, but there was something about Amy that made her stand out.  It could very well have been her profound passion for what she does, and also the fact that we got on VERY well from the get go.  I needed to make sure that certain things were OK with her like  such as my shutterbug dad (who almost opened his own photo studio) taking photos.  Amy liked the fact that Anna and I were much involved in the entire process which made for a fun and pretty laid back wedding shoot.
When the wedding day came, I can truly say that I enjoyed the photo taking sessions.  Amy has a way with people and, dare I say, she even makes it fun in an entirely professional manner.  After thirty minutes of spending time with Amy, my dad pretty much decided to ditch his camera because he was extremely impressed with Amy – that is saying a whole lot.  I’ve heard of stories where photographers will ask couples to do certain things that just are unnatural to them.  That was never our experience with Amy.  There were numerous instances when we just had to trust her instincts, and follow her lead.  She definitely led us to the Promise Land!  Some of the photos were downright stunning, and Amy made it seem so effortless. I distinctly remember the evening of our wedding, when the sun was about to set, there was this amazing orange and pinkish cloud formation that was beyond description.  Amy made sure she grabbed us from the reception to capture the moment.  At that time, I did not really ‘get it’, but after seeing the finished product, I can see why.
Sometimes, you just have to go with your gut, and both Anna and I knew right off the bat, that Amy was THE photographer for us.  She has a knack for seeing things that only a gifted and talented photographer is able to see, and that’s why many of our photos were downright stunning.  When choosing a photographer, you want someone who understands your vision and tries his or her very best to capture it.  Amy went above and beyond the call of duty, and definitely made our wedding day memorable.  Amy is one of the most dedicated, humble, and passionate photographers out there.  We are honored to call her a friend!”-Anthony

I am honored and humbled to call them my friends as well.
Anthony - April 11, 2011 - 9:22 pm

WE are honored and humbled to call you a friend. Thanks again for featuring us. Anna can’t wait to get pregnant so you can take photos of her pregnancy, and beyond. Crazy lady!

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