aimee — a beloved e.v. friend

There is the absolutely most adorable unassuming little shop in the East Village, one that just plain makes me happy! ( ….. and not just cuz it’s name is pretty much the same as mine).  It is aimee, which in French means ‘loved’ and this store is indeed loved by all.  The little shop’s secret to charm and success is embodied in the philosophy of owner Amy Hassebrock

“I don’t like looking like anybody else … I want my own special things in life, and this little shop of mine is filled with exactly those kinds of items! … When I shop (USED to shop one could say!  With this store, why would I shop elsewhere?!),  I like to feel comfortable and relaxed.  A trip into aimee affords an extremely non-pretentious and honest environment.  If it doesn’t look good on you, you don’t go home with it.  There are SOOO many new arrivals weekly, that NO woman has to just ‘kind of’ like something.  9 out of 10 times she LOVES LOVES LOVES her purchases…..that is my job and I take it very seriously!”
“Champagne is complimentary every day for those who choose to sip while shopping.  The beverage menu has grown over the past 6 years and so on some days you can choose from white or red wine…….cold beer and even, especially on Saturdays and Sundays, Bloody Marys and Screwdrivers.  It’s part of the atmosphere and I feel the ladies that come in to my shop deserve it.

“This special place called aimee has become a safe-haven from the outside world.  I’ve been told that entering this little palace is like finding serenity!  Ladies come in during their lunch hour for an ice breaker……groups of gals meet up here and start their evenings out from aimee……some choose to order lunch to go and come in to eat it on the ivory leather couch….clearly aimee has grown to be much, much more than just a store!

“Speaking of the ivory leather couch:  if walls could talk!  OH BOY!  There have been too many to count conversations seated on what has become ‘the place to sit.’  It’s the perfect window seat to people watch and THE best place for ‘happy hour.’  Over the years friendships have been born and nurtured at aimee, sharing mutual love and taste of fashion,  sipping favorite wines and talking about life experiences, watching each other’s children  grow older together, heck!  We even had a wedding portrait taken of a very special couple sitting on the couch:  ALL in the setting of aimee.”

aimee is not for everyone, in that there are very “out of the box” fresh pieces that are new to the Mid-West.  One doesn’t come in looking for a certain line of clothing, but rather comes in knowing she will find herself that special gem article of clothing.  I have many followers from Chicago, Denver, Kansas City, etc that pop in for a special find.  Also, there are some flight attendants and pilots that make aimee a must-stop shop when in town for a layover.

“80% of my clothing lines are from afar:  Paris, London, Sweden, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, etc.  They are a reflection of what I love…..all darling quaint new fresh lines that, for the most part, make aimee their first shipment to the United States.  They treat me the way I treat those who come into my shop….more as a friend than a customer. They want to know about my store…a couple of the designers even requested pictures of my store to get a feel.  And actually one of my special lines from Paris even uses a window picture of my shop on their website!

“Because I am here to make everyone happy and I feel women deserve to have everything they want in life, I offer a layaway purchasing option.  This ensures that the piece you love well get reserved just for you.  It stems back to my childhood roots a bit, too, when I would go shopping with my Granny and she frequented the little dress shops back in the day.  I would help pick out blouses, dresses and suits and sometimes she would find several pieces.  I remember her saying to the shop owner, “You can just put them on my account”.  aimee is just that:  an old-fashioned, true little neighborhood dress shop!”

….. Is it any wonder this little EV jewel is so beloved?  So whaddaya say we grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and meet up at aimee for a leisurely heart to heart chat on the ivory leather couch.  Sounds like the perfect way to spend a happy hour.
432 e. locust st

Laura Wills - May 4, 2011 - 10:25 am

awesome place!! and im watching the news right now with her! haha how cool!!

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