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The Road to Here

the journey that brought me to my career as a photographer… My mom had this Minolta…in this pleather brown camera bag. I was always intrigued by the things in this bag.  I would dig through it (when I was told not to) and I remember seeing lenses, filters, a flash and other goodies — pretty […]

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Porch Light is always on


OK, before diving into today’s post let’s get something out on the table right now.  I’m a HUGE antique/stuff/pretty junk/anything old collector …. There — I feel better.  Now onto today’s blog post featuring Porch Light. Oh btw, my work desk just happens to be from Porch Light — go figure. Here is what Porch […]

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My week in pics… and what a wonderful week it’s been

Sara + Charlie     Karin   Carter Jana + Tyler Aubry + Tyler   Grace  

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aimee — a beloved e.v. friend

There is the absolutely most adorable unassuming little shop in the East Village, one that just plain makes me happy! ( ….. and not just cuz it’s name is pretty much the same as mine).  It is aimee, which in French means ‘loved’ and this store is indeed loved by all.  The little shop’s secret to […]

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Anna + Anthony

This week we have a wedding blurb from a groom, yep, a GROOM!  He was very involved with the wedding which was something of a rarity and a delight to see.  This couple has been incredibly supportive of Amy Allen Photography and Anthony routinely leaves encouraging comments on my Facebook pages.  Here is what he […]

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W e b s i t e
V e n d o r s
f o l l o w